We are New Zealand’s largest and most experienced Street Furniture manufacturer. With humble beginnings as far back as the 1950’s we are now the leading supplier of street furniture products across all of New Zealand.

Our company traces its roots back to 1978 when Laurie & Dennis Medforth and their partner bought an engineering company then called Fryco Products Limited which originally began life in the 1950’s.

Fryco Engineering Limited¬† (FEL) quickly developed a strong reputation as a trusted company with a core philosophy of high standards and excellent quality. Laurie’s sons Peter and Stephen Medforth started working for the company and eventually took over in 1993.

They advanced the company by investing in the latest and highest quality equipment, expanding the company’s capabilities and partnering with Colin Mason in 2006 under the corporate name of fel. Group Limited.

fel Group started to specialise in Street Furniture fabrication in the late 90’s. Our first seat we ever made was named after the street that our factory was on at the time and it became the “Penrose” seat. (Incidentally the Penrose seat is now one of the most common park seats across New Zealand.)

With a new drive and focus on the Urban Design realm, Street Furniture New Zealand was created. Later to tie into fel Group we are simply known now as Fel Street Furniture.  With a large range of standard furniture items (benches,seats,picnic sets etc) and ever increasing range of Cycle/Bike Rack solutions we have also invested into other such areas as Shelters, Drinking Fountains etc.


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373 Neilson Street, Penrose, Auckland