Honour the life of your loved one with a beautiful memorial seat.

A memorial seat can become a place of reflection for the family.  When looking at a memorial seat, the first consideration is always where is this going to be located?


If this is wanted within a park or public space you would need to talk to the local council. Often there are certain requirements that are needed to be taken into consideration. Even if you are procuring the seat yourselves, the liability of ongoing maintenance and a correct install will fall onto the council. They need to make sure that the seat will endure and that is why they will not accept imported or consumer type seats purchased at  hardware stores which are not designed for a life of well over 10 years.  We talk to the councils most days and can point you in the right direction of the person to speak to, to start this process.


Each council will generally install the seats as these most often will require a concrete pad.  We will usually ship the seat direct to the council (or their contractor’s yard) once complete, where they will carry out the installation. Quite often they will say to you which mounting that they prefer for the seat or bench.  The mountings are either Surface Mounted or Plant Mounted. If you are unsure we can contact the council and discuss this with them.  Often the Council will assist with the installation costs, but the cost of the seat is usually paid for by the family.

Memorial Plaques

For standard metal plaques we suggest a trophy type shop or an engraver.  We suggest that this affixed once the seat has been installed. We can supply drawings and measurements for the engraver of the slat width etc.

Styles of Seats

We have a range of seats in certain style to suit. Often council will let you know the type of seats that is within their “Design Palette”. Below is a list of our more popular seats that most council in NZ will approve.

Making a Purchase

When purchasing a seat for memorial purposes we apply the same rate as we sell these seats to council. All our seats are made in New Zealand and are of such quality that we give a manufacturing warranty of 10 years.  As such there is a lead time that applies and in normal circumstances it is around 4-5 Weeks.



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