Park Shelters

Durable. Practical. Modern & Traditional Shelters.
Street & Park Shelters For Community & Public Use

We are a leading supplier of park shelters which offer a long-lasting, low maintenance solution and will lift the appeal of any open space.

Offering both traditional and contemporary designs our robust and easy to install pre-fabricated shelters are a favourite option for parks and reserves and in urban areas across New Zealand.

Working in conjunction with our Australian partners Landmark Products Pty Limited we leverage their 30+ years of experience in design of these shelters. All the shelters are made right here in New Zealand and come with an Australian Producer Statement (PS1)

All of our prefab picnic shelters are made of tough and long-lasting materials, and where applicable, powder-coated to match your requirements. They create a clean and stylish look to complement any outdoor area. Our 100% New Zealand-made products have been designed with high durability, strong visual appeal and functionality.

Skillion Roof Park Shelters

The clean, contemporary lines of a Skillion Roof Park Shelter is the modern standard in today’s parks, this is Fel Street Furniture’s best selling shelter,  available in timber, steel or aluminium.


Contemporary Park Shelters

Breaking from the past, and exploring new possibilities. Something different for the outdoors

Traditional Park Shelters

Whether gable roof, pyramid, pavillion or gazebo style, these park shelters are traditional and heritage themed found throughout New Zealand

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