Installation on Timber


Stainless steel edge fitting


Cast bronze edge fitting


Cast aluminium edge fitting


Brass round

Skateboard Deterrent SD4 SD4 Skateboard Deterrent Brass Round


Stainless Steel Round

SD5 Stainless Steel Round Skateboard Deterrent Closeup of an SD5 Skateboard Deterrent Stainless Steel Round


Stainless steel edge insert, folded plate

Skateboard Deterrent Stainless Steel folded plate SD8 SD8 Skateboard Deterrent Stainless Steel edge insert folded plate closeup

Installation on Concrete


Stainless Steel Insert


Stainless steel edge insert


On Seats 1800mm long with Arms:
Recommended number: 2 Installed 600mm from seat sides

On Seats 1800mm long with No Arms:
Recommended number: 3 Installed 300mm from seat sides & one in the centre

On Benches 1800mm long
Recommended number: 3 per exposed side 300mm from seat sides & one in the centre

On Seats and Benches longer than 1800mm
300mm from seat sides & approx. 600mm apart along centre Per each exposed side


As each situation is unique, recommendations above are for general reference only. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the optimum number of skateboard deterrents to be used and to ensure correct installation (unless installed by fel. Group Limited). fel. Group Limited is not responsible should any vandalism occur due to skateboarders.


Skateboard Deterrent Installation



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