Radiata pine is a versatile evergreen conifer native to southern California and northern Mexico. It is the most widely planted pine in the world and the most popular commercial timber species in New Zealand.

Pine is not the ideal timber for street furniture as it is a softwood and prone to shrinkage and warping.

Botanical Name: Cupressus Macrocarpa

Other Names: Pinus Radiata, Pinus Contorta, Pinus Strobus, Pinus Ponderosa

Source location: New Zealand

Stability: Moderately Durable

Density: Approximately 350-450kg/m3

Appearance: The timber is fairly soft and has a low density, often with very wide annual growth rings. The sapwood is white to pale yellow, but often indistinguishable from the heartwood, which is light brown to yellow.

Sustainability: Sustainably sourced in New Zealand from purpose-grown plantations, or unwanted farm trees

Finishes: Pine being a softwood does perform well when stained as it is porous unlike hardwood

Leaching: Knotty’ softwoods including pinus species can have high levels of resins associated with the knots, particularly knots that are dark coloured.

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