Purple Heart Timber

Purple Heart Timber Example Non Aged

Purple Heart – Non Aged

Durable hardwood timber ranging from medium to dark purple red.

Botanical Name: Peltogyne pubescens

Other Names: Amaranth, Amarante, Palo roxo, Violetwood, Morado

Source location: Central America and tropical South America, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Guyana,
Surinam and Venezuela.

Stability: Class 1, Very Durable 25 years +

Density: Approximately 865 kg/m3

Appearance: The heartwood is a unique medium to dark purple to purple red in colour. The wood is very hard and strong and is one of the most naturally durable and stable timbers around. Though a wonderfully rich colour, it is important to note that left alone the timber will weather to a rich dark brown to silver grey patina.

Sustainability: Purple Heart is a tropical forest timber and is not plantation grown. It is not known whether this timber is available from sustainably managed, environmentally responsible sources.

Finishes: Purple Heart is a very dense hardwood and thus does not suit most timber finishes.Our experience has shown that the finishes do not penetrate into the hardwood thus resulting in poor adhesion and a tendency to ‘sheet’ off within a few months. Our recommendation is toleave the timber unfinished allowing it to age naturally.

Leaching: Purple Heart is prone to light leaching in wet weather so care must be taken when placing near existing surfaces i.e. concrete. To lessen the effects of the leaching, you can leave it out in several downpours before installing on site. Customers must be aware that the residue can stain concrete or paved surfaces during the leaching period. The staining will gradually fade away on its own, but can be accelerated by applying a cleaner to the surface with a light scrubbing.

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