Saligna Hardwood Timber

Saligna is a commonly used timber in the manufacture of Street Furniture. It is not always the most fit for purpose timber as Saligna tends to leach for up to 3 months (Weather dependant)

Botanical Name: Eucalyptus Saligna

Other Names: Sydney Blue Gum, NZ Red Eucalypt

Source location: New Zealand

Stability: Class 2, Durable 15-25 years

Density: Approximately 660 kg/m3

Appearance: Saligna is a light to dark pink/reddish eucalypt which naturally ages to a silvery grey.
It is heavy, fairly hard, with a course, even texture, reasonably easy to work. The grain is
usually interlocked, occasionally straight.

Sustainability: Saligna is plantation grown in New Zealand, mainly in the North Island. It is an
exceptionally fast growing timber averaging 30 years to grow to commercial harvest size. New
Zealand has approximately 28000 hectares planted in eucalypts with a median age of less
than 10 years.

Finishes: Saligna timber is a very dense hardwood and thus does not suit most timber finishes.
Our experience has shown that the finishes to not penetrate into the hardwood thus resulting
in poor adhesion and a tendency to ‘sheet’ off within a few months. Our recommendation is to
leave the timber unfinished allowing it to age naturally.

Leaching: New Saligna timber is prone to leaching in wet weather for approximately 6 to 8 weeks
after installation. Customers must be aware that the residue can stain concrete or paved
surfaces during the leaching period. The staining will gradually fade away on its own, but can
be accelerated by applying a cleaner to the surface with a light scrubbing.

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