Vitex is our go to hardwood that has a pale yellowish to creamy-grey appearance and has very minimal leaching.

Botanical Name: vitex cofassus

Other Names: Vasa, New Guinea Teak

Source location: Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea

Stability: Durable

Density: Approximately 800 kg/m3

Appearance: Vitex is a durable hardwood with a pale yellowish to creamy-grey appearance. Texture is fine and slightly lustrous with an even grain. When freshly cut the timber has a leathery odour and the timber is greasy to the touch.

Sustainability:Vitex is sourced from low-impact, village-based operations in the Solomon Islands.

Finishes: Vitex is a very dense hardwood and thus does not suit most timber finishes.
Our experience has shown that the finishes do not penetrate into the hardwood thus resulting
in poor adhesion and a tendency to ‘sheet’ off within a few months. Our recommendation is to
leave the timber unfinished allowing it to age naturally.

Leaching: Vitex has minimal leaching in wet weather so some care should be taken when
placing near existing surfaces i.e. concrete. To lessen the effects of the leaching, you can
lightly hose the furniture down and leave for 2 days.

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