Macrocarpa a softwood highly sought after as a decorative and building timber. It is durable outdoors and can be used without any preservative treatment.

The character of the macrocarpa timber is enhanced by it’s natural rustic finish. This will/may include exposed knots, timber defects and natural cracking. None of these defects will impact on the structure integrity and performance of the product. Although Macrocarpa doesn’t need treating like Pine, We do add a resin coating for the part of the legs that are to be in ground.

Botanical Name: Cupressus Macrocarpa

Other Names: Monterey cypress

Source location: New Zealand (Originally this Timber was Introduced from the USA in the 1860’s

Stability: Moderately Durable

Density: Approximately 485kg/m3

Appearance: Macrocarpa has yellow-brown heartwood colour, darker in old trees, sapwood 40-50mm, is paler coloured.

Sustainability: Sustainably sourced in New Zealand from purpose-grown plantations, or unwanted farm trees

Finishes: We mostly sell these in their Natural Look as that is the preference. You can use a natural stain such as Drydens but this will require multiple coats and a regular maintenance program

Leaching: Macrocarpa doesn’t need tanalised treatment therefore there is no risk of leaching

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